Our Purpose

The Caspian International Affairs Project is Patrick Henry College’s newest government special project. The aim of the project is to organize and maintain a collegiate think tank that produces international affairs research and analysis prices and provides them to you right here on our website.

Our Mission

We aim to provide you with high-quality, well-researched articles exploring various international affairs. We believe that understanding the events taking place and the ideas shaping our world is a critical responsibility of all people. Only by doing this can we sympathise with others in different circumstances, relate to those unlike us, and inform our own decisions from those people have made all around the world.

Our Name

The name Caspian refers to the character of the same name from C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia series. Throughout the books, we see that Caspian is noble, brave, and just. He seeks out adventure and serves as a humble king. C. S. Lewis’ demonstration of servant leadership through Caspian presents a valuable model for aspiring leaders, including our writers: the students at PHC.

The significance of our project’s name is simple yet meaningful. Professional international relations think tanks and organisations also use simple names, but may lack abstract meaning. We believe the name Caspian presents a strong name for our project, avoiding critical cultural controversy that would overshadow the work our student writers do while giving them an ideal for which to strive.

All writers on the project seek to embody the characteristics portrayed by Caspian in Lewis’ Narnia. We are adventurous in the pursuit of our research topics, honest in the portrayal of our findings, and brave in the expression of our opinions. Most importantly, we seek to use our work to humbly serve God and our fellow man.