The John Jay Journal

Our research articles are published in our journal: the John Jay Journal of International Affairs. The journal’s namesake was an American statesman who helped lay the foundation for America’s judicial system and foreign policy in the immediate aftermath of the War for Independence.

The articles published in this journal are significantly longer and more in-depth than our analysis articles. In writing these papers that analyze international affairs topics, our goal is to foster awareness and discussion about pressing global issues. We hope that you enjoy this new journal!

Our Issues

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

The Journal Team

Our Journal team comes alongside the Caspian Project Team to create the complementary John Jay Journal. The team on the journal work hard to verify research and create a beautiful journal design.

Want to learn more about a team member? Keep scrolling to read our biographies.

Editor in Chief

Valkyrie Armstrong

Valkyrie Armstrong is a Junior at Patrick Henry College majoring in Government with a focus on International Politics and Policy. Valkyrie currently resides in Sparrow Bush, New York, but hopes to work in the Washington, D.C. area after graduation. Valkyrie is passionate about human rights advocacy and is actively involved as the Vice-President of Patrick Henry College’s International Justice Mission Club, where she helps to prevent and spread awareness on human trafficking. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, Valkyrie hopes to pair her passion for human rights with her interest in foreign affairs through a career in international relations. 

Associate Editor

Emma Fenton

Emma is a sophomore at Patrick Henry College majoring in General Government. She hopes to attend law school after college at a university in the Virginia area. Once finishing school, Emma would like to use her skills as a lawyer by serving the growing Hispanic community in the Virginia and D.C areas. She is from the historic town of Franklin, Tennessee, adjacent to Nashville. Besides her love for international issues, she is a member of the chorale, where she pursues her passion for music.

Copy Editor

Katie Eiler

Biography Forthcoming

Research Editor

James Hodson

James Hodson is a student at Patrick Henry College studying Government (Political Theory) and History. He hopes to continue his studies in graduate school and teach as a professor. James grew up in Calais, Maine. At Patrick Henry College, James edits for a number of campus journals and organizes events for the Political Theory and Political Philosophy programs.


Howard Newman

Howard is a Junior, majoring in Government, the American Politics and Policy track. Howard was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and after graduation would like to move back to Florida to work in state or local government. He is involved in the Patrick Henry College baseball team and plays cello in the orchestra. He has a passion for obscure chess variants. 

P.S. That picture...

Aquamarine, turquoise, and a rich blue swirl together in the waters of the Caspian Sea – a sea we’re slightly partial to. This breathtaking photo owes credit to NASA. Click for more (opens in a new tab).